The mornings of your destiny brings new upon the living of your joys, if you know to harmonize with the nature.
            The content of living, as value, destines again the new step came through a blessing for your raising, if you are content in the boundlessness of Godís Creation.
            Be joy for those who find you and they will find again themselves in their joys, which will remain as evidence in time!
            Be the boundlessness living in men steps and they will find again themselves in your joy!
            Be the stroking of those who didnít know love and the world will be new, as value, in a boundlessness search and finding again!
            Be the morning dew for those who are thirsty of truth and they, through your sacrifice, will recall the power of love as stroking, believing in what they do!
            Be new as joy for those who want the knowledge, more, be what you never were and all will change for Godís glory! 
            Be joy itself, be the recall, even the changing brought back through your living, as maximum value came for all!
            Be the whole and the beginning of the new for the filling of enlightened things!
            Be what youíd want to be, but fetch the comprised finding again of understanding as new!
            Search and find again the value, that embraced is in your boundlessness!
            Enjoy! Enjoy! Always enjoy because you exist as being boundlessness and found again in the boundlessness of Godís Creation!

*  *  *

Note : The recording is spontaneous, not retouched.
           The voice from the recording belong to Francisc Maitreya's
           The recording is in mp3 format.