Masters of Love

            This is the list, which contains the names of the most loved Spiritual Masters that will help you to train in some domains. Call them and they will come!

Academy of Soul Masters – They are only in spirit:

    Grand Master Vian - He enlightens you in all problems.
    Grand Master Ghi - He enlightens you in energies domain.
    Grand Master Kutumi - He enlightens you in Light domain.
    Grand Master All - He enlightens you in recoveries domain.
    Grand Master Estera - She enlightens you in mildness and kindness domain. She is also the assistant, in spirit, of Lord Maitreya. 
    Grand Master Izabela - She enlightens you in perspicacity domain.
    Grand Master
Dee - He enlightens you in “the keeping of all desired moods” domain.
    Grand Master Mary - She enlightens you in administrative domain.
    Grand Master Asi - He enlightens you in astrology domain.
    Grand Master Lina - She enlightens you in aesthetics domain.
    Grand Master Tahi - He enlightens you about budhism – knowledge.
    Grand Master Nick - He enlightens you about technique and its practices.
    Grand Master Ela - She enlightens you about the harmony in nature.
    Grand Master Vera - She enlightens you about tact.
    Grand Master Klamisy from the Orion planet - He enlightens you about the things that are as exchange of experience. 
    Grand Master Teo - He enlightens you about theosophy.
    Grand Master Osho - He enlightens you about the secrets of the fluids.
    Grand Master the Holy Virgin - She enlightens you in all problems.
    Grand Master Lee - He enlightens you in gastronomy domain.
Grand Master Matahachiro  -  initiates you in martial arts. He enlightens you especially about the “sword path” – the path of spiritual purification.


These are only few from the Masters who desire to help you. Some of them harmonized their names for your understanding. Respect them, love them, because they come for you, to help you.

The sincere searching through feeling and living bring you the Truth!

* * *