Parable, as Teaching for the Cowardly

            At the boundary of the oak tree forest, the rabbits gathered for a counsel, to decide if they can stay more in their peace to live...
            The reason, which has enlightened them to have the counsel, was the godmother fox, which did not let them to meditate, and to develop, in peace.
            Because the counsel which had gathered did not succeed in enlightening the ardently solution, the hunting dog came to intimidate them.
            They run in a hurry to their caches, forgetting about the old and lame rabbit, which remained in front of the dog, as prey.
            But the dog, from his good respect for the old one, stopped in front of him and said:
            “How do you want to win, if you have fear?”
            And the old and lame rabbit stopped his tremble at once, because he understood the wisdom of the dog, and thanked him.
            [...] If you have love, you overcome even fear; the ears help you to hear, and the enlightened eye will open for the one who is pure...

* * *