The Parable of “the Dark Man”

            In the clean house, a thief strained, and he did not want to go out.
            The master of the house did not know anything about, but, all the things from his house was moving from a place to another...
            The master of the house sow a changing, he went to a meeting, to ask the others if there is anyone able to help him with the mystery of his house...
            As he receive many advises, he was walking, confused, in village.
            He met a child in the town, who asks him why was he worried.
            The master of the house smiled to him, and said: “ How can you, little child, to know more then others know, and how can you be helpful for me, too?”
            The child smiled, and told him: “ What can you think may worry a man, who has peace no more?” 
            If you do not know, go back home and see the difference, but first rise yourself through your thought with a praying. 
            You will find peace in your house, but your thought must be always high...”
            Ears to have to hear what I have told you now.

* * *