The Parable of a Desired Day


            When sun sends a beam upon “the desert” from the foliage, flying insects and butterflies came to a feast with dew and flowers nectar.
            Once with their arrival, the knotty wasp arrived, which could not miss the feast that had been given by an Enlightened Queen.
            All of them sat line after line, and they were waiting for the Blessed to come, the Blessed Who brings the relief of the day’s peace, with Light overflowing on thoughts.
            When the Enlightened Blessed came, all bend in front of Him, and He let over them Love, Light and His Blessing when He rose His hand.
            All together dinned in the morning’s peace, which did not let any sadness to someone, and the knotty wasp became silent too, in front of the Lord.
            No matter how bad would be the character of the one that hates, he can do no harm in front of the Enlightened Peace...
            If ears heard what I have enlightened, they would enjoy with their eyes at one place, through the tear that fallen and which had too-washed the thought of those who do not know what right, Light and clean is... 

* * *