The Parable of a Step of Waiting

            In the garden of an embraced place many came: little crockets, little flowers, the dandelion, a mustard seed which has strayed without a destiny but which has arrived at its time that was once decided.
            Thousands of birds came and questions many more came, questions that has not embraced any answer once, hoping for the Blessed things.
            Little and big flying insects, children, even gardeners and many shephards of other strayed herds came, and they were waiting a sign that came no more. Although the Blessing of World was there, among them, but It was waiting for something - for them to understand and to perceive his presence.
            He was waiting, and in His Eternity He was not hasting. He knew that His time, even it is came, could wait as long as He wants to; but they, through their content, will they wait as long as He will be able to stay? At this fact many of them did not think of.
            Will they be able to rise towards His content, to study the light of Truth by fast and pure thought? But they still hurt His coming, without knowing that in the Content of His Blessing, He cannot be touched... They did not understand a thing, and that was: they were included in His step!
            This is why I am telling you: see your content, what can it bring, but study embraced seekings through dawns!

* * *