The Parable of Belief

            When the man comes with a time, which embraces happiness, a path is rising towards him and embraces his re-living.
            When the man comes with a step, which embraces rising up, he will find the wisdom, which will brought him the relief.
            If these things are here to be, what could foolish him if his content does not want to find the peace, the thought and the content of the place?
            If embraces thoughts are coming to his lived-once frame of mind, what could the dream do, that is beloved living, in the value of non-calling of the step, which is shuddering when mind is unprepared to rise up to the summer?
            Where did the searching of the deeds that want to be come, and what did the content of re-calling find, by living-again?
            If man would know how to return to the searched place, so much the content of the man to praise would be glad.
            The life's step lives again by his re-lived step, if man would recognise his beloved calling again.
Singed to be the rime, and let man to bring the belief through his searching and rising through singing.
            Eyes can see the place and ear can even hear a word, or many words but they could not cover understanding, singing, rimes if the beloved man would not be a traveller and if man would not be a calling again by the covered step which dream is.

*   *   *