The Parable of Fulfilment

            In spring’s morning, when the dew too-washed the time, “the music’s guests” came, to bring the peace of living-again.
            Many people came in the field and the flowers were singing their flagrancy, which was overflowing over that place and “happiness” was the home...
            Many families of children, because God is their Father, were getting closer to the “smaller” ones, growing the pure family.
            Many people were called to come all, animals, bumblebees, queens, enlightened fairies, too, to make peace at the boundary. 
            When all that was created came, The Too-Enlightened Father told them: “Through the peace I Iet now, you will be the unite family, joy to bring to Me, with your beloved evolution.
            Find the path of life, which leads towards the world peace - live the love that is dreamed, destining again the cross fate.
            Receive all that you have had in the beginning and do not waste, as in the old times, for what I let through you, children, to be The Enlightened Low!” 
            The Too-Enlightened Father told that, and they, the happy children, stood up from their knees.
            The power of love and peace remained upon that Holy Land, as a confession of finding-again of the “destinies that found one each other”.
            Ears to have to hear the song that is singing...
            And eyes to have to see them, all together...

* * *