The Parable of Man

            Man wanted to change the things that were embraced by time, but he could not lay down his wanted things, because all were without any sense.
            Man wanted to write his thoughts, but the content of a page could not embrace that thought, because the white pageís light rejected a hiden thought.
            Maybe the content of a truth will come in time, to bring the immortality for the steps that will pass on those roads - without return.
            Man was covered by a not so pure truth; good would be man to believe, cause the value of re-living may be founded in a discovered sign. 
            Where does immortality come, where cans the understanding, which alive is through a living, embrace?
            If manís unprepared thinking would know what love is, it would foolish embraced places which desired are through time.
            If man will cover things that will be livings, he will not get lost in feeling and he will meet the down. 
            Good will be relief to enter in his content, and then he, the rich man, will see what he has not seen once.
            If this embraced man would know to understand the relief, he would no longer wander inside his conscience, because its embraced value would bring him the reconciliation.
            If the content of a thought would be capable to hear itself, all the things that could be, all them would be found through searching. 
            Eyes to see the finding-again of the faces' joy, this would cry out at the deaf ear and all the people who will want to hear contents would embrace the living-again.

*   *   *