The Parable of Recklessly

            A value is searching through time, because its content spreads fruits that are searched, found-again in the step of re-called joys.
            Those who are able to see the pathway, those will know the joy and the content of love and light from the contents.
            Those who see all these and will not know to prize them, those will see the life’s sadness, forgotten gates brought into night and opened in a covered step.
            Searched fogs will come towards their too-sad steps, but what can the place do, if they want to be night? And Light watches them, even the Thinking of Joy overflow relief upon them, but what are they able to embrace through their searching through the fogs?
            If the longing remembrance would want to let the sign of re-calling into the too-desired step of seeking for the lost seekings, these things could not lay the path of the great-light into the thought, because the blind living says to itself: “For us they are what they are!”
            If embraced thoughts are coming from their vagrant desire, could be the thought and the So-Pure Light to blame?
            Where does the Blesssed day lay its relief? Even if it would want to, it cannot let – the singing.
            What would it want to be in the thought of those who embrace sadness, if the call would never come from the night way – the dream?
            Even Light would want awaking-again to bring in their ways, but could they know the voice, the step, being in a straying?
            Where do they put their embraced deed, that destinies did they bring and what would the dreaming let, that dreaming which have brought them the night in their dream?
            Where do they put their embraced deed, what destinies have they brought and what would the dreaming let, that dreaming which have brought them the night in their dream?
            Where do their beginning come, and their end what does it bring, if it would remain at the night gate and if it would not awake a look?
            If the look in time would know the summer’s thought, it would detached itself from night and it could see the dreaming.
            Where in thought the night returns, where the sad time comes, if not on the death path where else the time will be?
            Those who can rise their thought and their step to the voice, they would find the content of life and a step of good-bye, they would let the night behind with a thought of joy, that would be Alive Light to the new open step. 
            Eyes could embrace even the enlightened Light, if they would want to accept it through the too-pure step.
            And the ear, wanting to hear the joy in embraced song, it will delight with the eye through the content of brought dream.

* * *