The Parable of Returning to Meekness and Humility

            In one town from the North of the country, the Word of Blessing came, and it was waiting for an accommodation at a Christian. 
            As time passed by, and the water that was pouring the road had wet his little feet, which were waiting patiently, the one who was to receive him in his house came.
            The Christian wonder when he sow the meekness and humility impersonated, waiting barefooted, on cold and water, hoping that the one that came to understand him, and to receive him in his house.
            But because of the shame embraced the Christian that was came, he wanted to foot him, and after to take him to his house.
            The Word of Blessing looked to the one who was ashamed of his little barren foot and said: “I will put the basis stone on that one who loves me as I am now, and I will wash him in blessing. Why are you ashamed of my peace?”
            And then, as to himself he said: “Ears if you would have and eyes to see, you would be no longer ashamed of THE LIGHT OF WORLD, but you would humble yourselves in front of all, searching only for the path that leads you to the peace of time...” 

* * *