The Parable of Straying

            In his way man found “glittering of object” which stopped him from his holy peace creating him understanding states of mind.
            The “glittering delusion” of the object was growing along the time, misconstruing the meaning of Christian teaching…
            Peace thoughts died and to replaced them came pride, meanness, murder and hate, which attracted him deep into night…
            Through his too shady falling down, he lost the life’s Light, living for a delusion that was returning him to the death plane.
            Wake up, false thinking, and do not delude yourself, dreaming, because those who search the night time, those will be lost through a forgetting.
            Return, little flame, towards The Eternal Fire of Love, reintegrating yourself in low – your re-destination will be short. 
            Embrace you will be by time’s peace, which satiate wealth with the deed that covers the thought of returning to immortality.
            You will find the time’s relief that brings you towards Light. Live the Peace and Love that does not bring suffering.
Your ears to hear my desire which clean is, and your clean eye to see the Light that surrounds you.

* * *