The Parable of the One Who Does Not Know to Value a Gift

            A son asked as a gift to his Beloved Father the estate that would glad him with its wealth, and especially for all the enlightened servants, and peace he would find.
            For his prayer, the Father gave what the son demanded, and even more, he sealed that the treasure he received to remain his forever…
            Not a long time passed and the son lost the entire gift he received from the Too-Beloved Father.
            He asked again The Beloved Father to give him from His empire a new blessing and a new “big house”.
            The Beloved Father received the dear son’s prayer, but the gift offered again is smaller, because he did not prize what in the beginning he took.
            Not a long time passed and the child lost the treasure, which was offered from the joy’s house, because the treasure was not prized…
            The Father sow the pain in the son’s thought, and He sent His word with a kinder servant.
            The son was announced that what he lost it is his problem, but what he will win from that moment on, he will know how to prize it…
            Ears to have to hear and eyes to see what right and wise is. 

* * *