The Parable of the Reckless Son


            A son, worthless I can say, did not value what his father offered him. He said: “Why should I prize this, to have what others do not have?”
            Day after day he continue to receive gifts. But he did not prize it, but broken it. His father said: “ If from now on I still give my son a gift, he will scorn me. More then that, I will wake up with something unwanted, and then…”
            The beloved father decided to cut from the list what he had written every day for his child. He gave no more what his son, reckless sometimes I can say, expected. 
            Son told his father: “Tell me, where did I go wrong with you, if your gift came no more on my bad? Because I waited today, and yesterday, and the day before yesterday.”
            His father remained silent. He said nothing to his son, who was expecting a sign or an answer at his love. The son cried many days, many months, ever years, even ten of years. One day the beloved father said: “Let see if my son become enlightened, if he understood or not? How will he receive what I will give him now, something small as a gift? Let see, will he understand that he did wrong once, or not? “
            And the son found beside his bad a smaller gift and he took it to his breast, and he sighs. He thanked and he never abandoned it.
            Ears to have to hear what I told you now. 

* * *