The Parable of What Is and What Is in Right to Be


            The secret of times, which brings the step into thought, was given to it, but it did not prize that it was the building of summer.
            Through the destinies of dreaming it built up the new content, this made green the root of the dense man land.
            It, the power of building-again, did not prize the destiny of faith, which was let to gather, to unite again the time’s step.
            From lack of knowledge, sometimes because of revenge, it bent the step of the new generation to the covered earth place.
            The building again of the new form, from recklessly, gave through the movement of being, what was not in the Low’s Light.
            The twinkle of a dream stood up from its rank of judge, and overcame through its new form of its confessing.
            If the destiny of the paces of waiting was changed and the star of peace leaved letting the evening sadness, is not the Content guilty, neither the Singing of the Right Low.
            Look inside your step, even at your thought’s calling, and you will find out your conscience; renunciation to not become a wall and emptiness of injustice in the path...
            Drop blind thinking of the too-lived destinies; rising towards the step that knows the low of mankind, you will see the day peace, which embrace the summer thought.
            Return the day dawn to your deeds from your step, and live the thought that was let from the peace low, which is comprised in the Book of Life!
            The overflowing of victory will find the morning path inside your right balance, the morning path that born the New World.
            Be the coronet of day dawn, be the calling, be the finding, at one place with the purpose of life – you will born again from Light and you will be able to live the singing!