The Parable of Wisdom

            The things that will be able to embrace customs that was lived, those things will testify through times about the things will have to be.
            Neither the non-understood thinking will be covered by the step of those who do not want to understand the things that could be.
            When a boundless pathway is briming over the day’s step, which is borning from a dream, is not the content of living-again which will repeal the dream-step, but the non-understood value, which will remain in its way and which will estrange the thinking, if it is blind in living.
            Neither the dreaming-again the man could make, because the value is passing and it will remain in searching.
            Without wanting to find out, the one who is searching will never know what the life’s step involves, on the enlightened path.
            Where will the content searching of a dream be able to spread, that will it be able to live through that searched place, which was reached.
            Those who want to understand, those will not know what they can lose, if they stop at the dream.
            Is not the dreaming which brings back a destiny to the step, but the value of calling-again will know to advice the thought towards the life in paradise.
            The living of peace will not know that the night storm has passed; it lives again only love by the content of its life.
            Those who can see the place, those will know to prize-again and those will know to sing everything to the wise ear.
            Neither the values of boundlessness seekings will be lost, except from those who are too-confused, where thoughts, bad words, those will know the path of death and the returning in time, till the finding again of life, they will be lost paths in thoughts.
            Give the light of the embraced Truth to the eyes, and the life’s smile would smile and the embraced thought that the secret of life brings, would sing with a taken from a dream sing.

* * *