The Parable of The One Who Is

            A flower asked herself why do her sisters have different shapes and why is she unique and unknown among them. As all of them were wandering how did she arrived among them, her answer came in front of them, and the answer sounds like:
                - I look feeble, but I have what you do not have. I look feeble, but I give what you do not have. I came to accomplish what you did not fulfil. I am small, but great am I through my deed, because I know the Song of Joy and accomplishment is in my step and in your step, if you will search in me the Truth of the One Who sent me.
            One of the flowers, more daring, said:
                - In which way are you different? You have petals and leaves, and colour, too, and you are not too big.
            But the flower, unique in her style, reply:
                - I am unique in my way and I have no brother near me, because beyond my truth and beyond your truth, is The One Who send me.
                - And how can you talk to us like this? they cried together in choir.
            She told them smiling:
                - I come and I can go when I desire. I am unique in my immortality and I will come when you will be able to receive what I can give now and another time, too!

            Have ears to hear the sing of my confession!