The Parable of the One Who Wanted To Be What He Was Not

            A man wanted to embrace all the Truth and the Wisdom, and he draw near a wise man. He stayed close to the wise man and he listened what the wise man said.

            Long time passed, and his listening was like a burning torch, which was even smouldering sometimes, but the man kept listening. One day, he go away, in the world, thinking that he is the wise man of this world and he talked to the right, to the left, in front and in his back. Everyone asked about who is him?
                -I am who I am, I came because that this is the way it was promised to me to be the chosen one if I learn. 
            One day his star set. He wanted to touch his life star but he was much too high from his content. He wanted to take the step of the traveller through time and to take the immortality of the one who gave him hope and accomplishment, but he forgot a thing: the one who gave him life was not touched because of his immortality by the deed of the one who did not understand what he had to be. 

        Have ears to hear what I said!