The Parable of the Dialogues

            In the new time of returning as a value, the content of the night said to the morning:
                - Why did you come earlier then I expected to?
            The morning said:
                - If I stayed one moment in my searching, I would not be a finding-again as a fulfilment for the midday.
                - But what do I have as gift for midday’s content? the night asked.
            The midday answered:
                - If I do not exist, you would no longer live, because through my content I bring a joy in the twilight of those who know to live again its value.
            And the sunset said:
                - I woke up in time to let behind me the night content, so the night that will come at its time to embrace again the man’s dreaming even the silence of accomplishment.
                - What do I care, I am the first of all, and I can be the last one if I want.
            Shaking him, the morning whispered:
                - Do not search life in unfounded places! Be value that is started for everybody and we will be in you and you will be in our content, if you want to, and the man will be what he has never been through the fulfilment of the boundlessness accomplishment!
                - And what is the sense? asked the first of them.
                - Everything is inside you: the sense, the question, the answer, the joy, the searching, the finding-again, everything!
                - Why in me?
                - Because you are the beginning (as a rest)!
        Have ears to hear, and wisdom to understand what could follow!