The Parable of Christ's Walking Among People

            In a comunity, people wondered why one man's living does not want to be near them when they are happy. This man, who was their neighbour, could not be understood because he was not like them. One day he said to their awakening:
                - I will go in the world to seek and to find others like me, and I will remain near their destiny. Otherwise, I will return and I will see if I learned anything.
            He went in the world to seek what he desired. He passed boundlessness thoughts, searched and unsearched valeys, seas and other more known and unknown countries. He passed through boundlessness living-again of other people, but he did not find what he searched for, neither in listening of in finding-again. He was unique among others and he kept asking himself why is he different and why isn't he like other men? From the people who were listening him, some told him one day:
                - Do you believe that you are different? You are wrong. Look first at you and you will see that you have hands as we have, and eyes, ears, even hair, neals, thoughts, smiles, sadness, you eat and drink like us. How can you think that you are different than our countent?
            The man kept silent, but for simself he said in his mind:
                -If I had been like you, I should not have came;
                If I had been like you, I should not have bring the Truth in the world,
                If I had been like you, I should not have lived,
                If I had been like you, I should have been a nobody through nothing.
                - Who do you think you are?
                - I do not only believe but I am the One Who I Am! said the Man.
                - We did not understand! thoughts shout to Him. Who do you think you are?
            And He replied again:
                - I am the Dreaming, I am the Calling-Again, even the Living Itself I am, through Truth I am the Truth and the Answer, I am the Content from Boundlessness, and through all together I am the Beginning and the End. I am Who I am!
            Those who were listening got said and said:
                - Go away from our step because we do not want to know you, and we do not want to follow you!
            The strainger went in the world and he arrived in the place from where he left at the beginning. He said:
                - I did not found what I looked for.
            His neighbours were glad for His arrival and they said:
                - Welcome! Be one of us, but not in the way our dreaming would want to; give to our value the New, because we know what we lost when you left!

            Have ears to hear what I said now!