The Parable of Some Livings

            The night ended and as the dawn came with dew drops over the content of a place, the place did what he would not want to, because the flower shaked with the new step that it was came through the sun beam who cried:
                - Wake up because I am the New!
            The cricket, the ant, the bear, the badger, even the cunning fox, the rattlesnake and the wolf, the nightingale, the skylark, almost all of them together shouted:
                - The Joy!
         And the joy came to them and asked:
                - Did you call me?
            And all of them together shouted:
                - Yes, we did! We would like to be the same as you are as an accomplishment!
            The Joy's manifestation through smile wispered first, and then, through a more grave but careless word said to them:
                - I am the beginning of a new, and pass through you, and I go out when I desire to, because I am able to do that! I give you and I take from you, and I take what I gave you, and I sing with you, because you are what I want you to be, but if you want to be the content of my joy, me, the Joy, through accomplishment, I bless you! Be yourself! And each one of you to give me from his joy!
            And the Wolf said:
                - I want to be glad, but I do not know what to be glad means.
            And the Joy answered:
                - Do not think at your sad unaccomplishment and you will see what to be joy-thought means, not wolf!
                - So I can be, but I do not promisse!
            And the fox came quickly to say:
                - I am cunning and I hide myself, but my tail remains as place of wandering for many others. What can I do?
            And the Joy replied:
                - Be smaller in your word, and be more straight through wisdom.
            The quail who was listening, said for himself: " I live because this is not a word that can bring destinies in my step."
            But he was seen, and with happiness, the Joy told him:
                - Remain, you will see what to remain in Me means!

            Have ears to hear what to be glad means!