The Parable of Values

            A flower was moved from its vase in a glass with sweetened water and the flower withered faster then its master expected to.

            As the life flew from the manís misunderstanding, he left his body and met with flowerís question mark in another universe. The flower and the man were still watching one each other. After a while, he said to the flower:
                - Why do we meet here and why didnít we remain in our first world?
            And the flower answered through a smile. He did not understand what smiling means. He asked again:
                - Why?
            The flower smiled again.
                - Why?
            The flower keeps smiling.
                - Why are you smiling and why donít you answer me?
            And the flower reply:
                - I am smiling because we are the same, face to face like the first time, in front of the Truth and face to face as truth through truth.
                - I did not understand, said the spirit of the lost man.
                - Didnít you understand? said the spirit of the flower. How simple it is! For God, we both are the same, you have more then me, but you do not understand! I have lesser, but I use the smaller thing I have. Is this right? Asked the flower.
                -Oh, no! reply the spirit of the lost man. I would like to find my past and I want to fulfil what is to fulfil. But what can I do to return where I have been?
            And the flower said:
                - The things will come at their time. And they will come.

            Have ears to hear, to understand what could come as accomplishment through arrival!