Dear Father - Lord of Light, Who Created the world and gave me life, I pray you with whole my soul for helping me to take out the whole evil from my thought, from my deed and from my world.
            Light me to be as is desired to be for accomplishing what you asked me. I am here to receive the Light to guide me in what I begun through Your Will.
            Examine me in every moment and advice me to good deeds.
            Dear Father, be the guide of my life through this destiny, which stays behind me and bring joy into my temple.
            I thank you, my Father, for everything-be the joy of my life and spread over me the Gift of Your Blessing, this way I will succeed to accomplish whatYou asked me. 
            Enlighten me through Your Word and those who meet me will praise you.
            Be Blessed, my Father, because everything will be for Your glory!

*   *   *