All - holy Trinity, I ask you with love, Bless and Light my human being, which came to accomplish Your Will. Spread over me the Light of Your Blessing, and let Your Light to be with me in all my deeds on this earth. My conscience to rouse, and me to accomplish what is right and good to fulfill now, in body, through Your Will. Bring together my thought, my word and the deed of my fulfilment from everything - even examine me - then advice me to Your Truth! The joy of my finding - again to be through Your Blessing and worthy to be of staying near You. I thank You for every day of my life, and do not let my thought, my deed and my word to wander from the way that is in front of me.
         All - holy Trinity - be Blessed, and let my step to be finding-again and fulfilment, through Your Light!

*   *   *