The Technique of Breathing no. 4

            At the basis of this technique there is the power of concentration upon mind. Look inside yourself then concentrate upon the connections which must be remade and enlightened.

        4.1. While you are breathing in, say mentally:

Cosmic Fire penetrates me, crosses me and remake the connections of my Temple! Peace, Peace, Peace! Love, Love, Love!

       4.2. In retention, say mentally:

The silence of my Temple sedimentates the new step - Love helps me!

       4.3. While you are breathing out, say mentally:

Cosmic Fire embraces my human being, giving sense to the new step through Truth, which contents the value of conscience!

      4.4. In retention, say mentally:

The contents of the new mood brings another value to my human being - Love helps me!

Note: Do not hasten! Concentration is very important for the remaking of the connections.

*   *   *