The Technique of Breathing no. 5

Love must dominate the thought.


At the basis of this technique of meditation lies the power of concentration upon the love of nature.

With this technique of breathing, man harmonises himself with nature. 

               1.  Begin the exercise from the position of “ Wise Man Meditating”, having the retention after breathing out. While you are describing a circle with your arms orientated to exterior, breath in deeply on nostrils, and in the same time say mentally: “ I embrace the love of nature!" 

               2. When your arms are above your head, during that movement of rotation, without retention, breath out by nostrils, and in the same time descend your arms. Your glance has to watch your arms, which are ordering the energy on chakras. In this time say mentally: “I am harmonising myself with nature!” 

               3. Again without retention, while you are breathing in, concentrate mentally the collected energy in the Energetic Basin. After those, using the technique of mudras, by expiration, send love towards nature while saying: “ I send love to nature!” 

               4. Breathe in by nostrils and in the position of “Devotion”, without retention, by breathing out, salute the nature saying: “ I salute the Nature!” 

               5. While you breathe in, take the position of “Wise Man Meditating”, breath out and say mentally: “I reconcile with myself!”  Continue the breathing cycle, meditating upon the self - reconciliation. 

Note: The exercise may be seen if you click here! 

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