The Parable of Man as a Teaching

            The one who has been given the first and who has been let in the lifetime, that one was able to embrace the use of accomplishments in step.

            Neither the searched contents could not changed his value from a plus wanted by many, because his glory brought him The Voice which is sang and said.

            Upon the gone times, many too-seen and wanted, even dreamed moments were let, but the step of those who did not want him, could not see the sign that cover the could not see the Voice of That Who created him.

            Even if they, who wanted to change his path in thorns, wanted to, they never could change his destiny that was let through years.

            There would be nothing in everything, which those who wanted to turn back the beloved man from his step could cover.

            A Voice came to them, to advice them to rise and to let the humble man upon his step with calling.

            However, they, who did not want the dreaming, did not want to hear about the accomplishments in time and they were aim too much for forgot-ness.

            They even did not want to embrace the signs that were put inside man and they were calling for the content of the night to bring them the refresh through their lived foolishness.

            The things that are came will be signs of calling towards those who want their step to comprise the calling, only through the down of their life.

            Only this way they will see the peace that brings them relief and they will embrace the present by living and singing.