The story of the woman as a teaching


         While taking a decision, which have brought a question-mark and a too much desired answer to her non-understood contents to the woman's destiny, the unaccomplished wish of the woman, revolted crying in her step: "Cover your non-fulfilment and you will find what you have not done, search through your recover and you will see what you have never wanted to be. Do not look for the word of doubt and your feeling should not bring death in the step of your searching. Announce the living, as an accomplishment of your feeling and you will bring freedom of the thought of living and accomplishment. Do not gather unwanted including, neither the sadness is to put on a human face, but enlighten the smile of the passing-by who is coming and you will embrace his joy as a wanted feeling.
 You have brought embraced searchings, desires of accomplishment, and the accomplishment itself, but do not hit with thinking of rejecting a wish of fulfilment through The Light of Blessing that is beloved. The Light can be loved by anyone if he knows to embrace it like a human being.
 Do not give up to your wish but let it be a contents of feelings-again and you, women, will have your own destiny, you will have your contents and searchings, even boundless refindings."
 This is like the living of the woman said and it cannot renounce at the truth that it was given to her.
 The revolt to not catch your step, because it does not embrace a feeling to fulfil.  So stop it when it is unthought and you will embrace only feelings through refindings, beloved women.

 There are ears that you must have for hearing a whisper that is loved and lived. There are eyes that you must have for feeling the joy of an enlightening. You will know what love means and you will know that living love through a feeling as a living is.

*   *   *