The time of Truth is here, for this reason I will enlighten you with the things that are desired. Ask for Truth and It will be your guide!
            If the mountain has no echo anymore, the hope of finding-again gets lost. – what can follow if there is no hope?
            When what is said does not awake interest for searching, may the light be upon that place? If searching is not loved, can Truth be discovered? Who does not want Truth ? Who? If those who believe they have the truth are wrong, and they are not in truth, are they able to find out this without searching? If they only believe something that they are not, are not they deceiving themselves alone? And if this will be accomplished (by deceiving), do not they encroach upon a commandment? If only one commandment is ecroached, is not the entire God’s Low encroached? It is written: “…you keep the keys of the empire...”
            Study this biblic verse because it deserves a profound studying… Do not ignore the enlightened things from the Book of the Books, but study more carefully the things that are happening at the ending of this century,.. Be more profound in your prayer, because only this way you will be enlightened with the desired things.
            …A man had in his possession a fortress with all its souls inside. Happiness covered the man, and he forgot about the things that were given through low, once. So, he made mistakes by his orders,..
            All the people from his order were enduring that and they were asking themselves why that injustice took place, when the one, who was put to make order, was bringing only war. When times came along with a question mark for him, he could not understand why he was judged because of his deed, because he was the master of the place.., of the fortress. The Master of the Enlightened World looked at him, and told him gravely but gently: “ You were put there to give, to bring, to correct what is not right, but you did not do that. You have already forgotten of the Two Olive Tree Branches that stay at the right and left of a Place…You have forgotten the ending word of those who had prophesied in the Old and New Place of Enlightening. What are expecting then..? You are the one who decide – see the unfair things you have lived. You will find the deserved place through what you have gathered with your life step ,..
            Study this enlightened by Truth parable, and you will discover the wanted things. 
            Truth to triumph and Light to be upon your thoughts, and the things that are to be known!
         My peace and Light be upon you! 

Francisc Maitreya