Peace and Love!


            I am writing you now to clarify the things that are told about my activity. If some things have not been understood as it would have been wanted to, it is not my fault. I have holded out a hand to those who are in suffering and I shall let it holded out, for all the people who want to know me to reach me. I do not want to offense anyone, but either I do not search in the dirtiness of those who do not want the Truth, to show it them. They themselves will feel its pressure at the time of their accomplishment. I have answered to the ridicule only with the forgiveness and I hope this beginning will end Ė the good things are done only with good thoughts! 
            If you want to know something about me, I consider it would be much better if you ask me. I am willing to communicate sincerely with you about the things you want to know. I have nothing to hide! If you want sincerely to know what I write and what I talk about, you can discover this truth in my Site. I invite you to see my Site, which has the address: I do not force anyone to anything! If I have a knowledge that others do not have, this does not means I have to keep it only for me. The values are verified in time, and no one is permitted to stop something that is came, if God desires the enlightening of the man with the new! What has to remain as a value which is known by man, through Godís will, it will remain even if someone opposes to this evolution. Is not the ignorance the one which decides the mankindís destiny, but the belief in what is came as a salvation towards the soul of those who desire the Light. No one is permitted to decide the destiny of his neighbour in his name, but everyone has this right to search for the truth in the way that he feels and to accept the truth after he knows it.
Through all I do to bring the new in spiritual conscience of people, given to man the chance of knowing himself, to accept himself as a value in universe through his freedom given by God, to develop self-conscience, to recognize his absolute independence and in the same time to understand and to obey to the Universal Laws which are ever valid. I do not found religions, either organizations for people to be different one from another, but I want the man to know himself as he is, as a unique value. 
            Through all I have written I have did nothing but giving the man a chance to know and to respect the value of his neighbour as something unique in Creation. All the healings I do are for free. This is the truth about what I do. I smile when I write to you, because I know what means to not know a man, but some of you gossip about what you would want him to be, and not about what he really is. Even the name man itself says a lot! Letís be real men, among men!
            With respect for those who really serve God.
            Be the Truth of God triumph!
            Peace and Love be with you!

                                                Francisc Maitreya