Although I have not written you for a long time, I come again in front of your fraternities and I tell you: “the things that are, will come as long you do not want to understand my word”.
            Sadness is on people's face and it will remain there until they will know the Truth of the things that are now and here, in these places of God's Blessing. The content of these places wait for your fraternities'study through the Light of what you know, for the clarification of the things that are as a question mark for some people. Do not ignore these words that are enlightened for you, for reaching through study to the wanted things. The study helps your fraternities to see and to understand the things, which can not be known in another way. Is it really so hard for you to study the things that are, through the Light of Absolute Truth? What are you waiting for? What do you want to be the limit of the manifestation of the things which are (given) signs upon the places of your waiting? Would not it be desired to end once for always the things that are now like inconclusive rumours? Why do you accept what is an uncertain testimony, in the step of your living? If the non-truth of some people attracts you to unwanted places, what will you answer during your own examination? Do not make you think the fact that the one who always hit has the patience and strength to understand you? Do not ask yourself what can be real through what is shown to you repeatedly? Nevertheless, if you ask yourself, would not it be wanted from you to give answers, too? How can they come if you do not study everything through the God Light? Why do you search the answer at some questions in what people say? Have you forgotten what the Holy Scriptures say, regarding the man who trusts in man? 
            Meditate deeply at what I have told you now, and this to be for the Glory of God. 
            Let the things that you accomplish to pass through the examination of your conscience and God Truth to triumph! 
            Amen I say to you!

Francisc Maitreya