Peace and Love to you!

            I come again, because this is the way I am, I come again anytime it is needed to, for the straightening of the things I have told you once. What is value, it will last upon centuries even if some people do not want this. Truth must not be demonstrated; It (the Truth) does exist and it will remain.
            …It was long time ago and it still remained, a great attempt for a man, who did not believe in what was came from Truth. As he was deluding himself through the known things, he forgot of the things that had been enlightened once, from the One who had been a path for many people. The content of his day was changing all the time, and what he was building it was crushing. The thoughts of renunciations came upon the place of his living-again, and joy did not find the so-wanted place. “What can be – what can cover so much a life that Light is not upon it? How can be the destiny of my non-accomplishment that I will not understand what is “path to walk”? I was covered by the care for my deed through living that did not want to look in truth – what can I do? If I knew – I would do!” this is what the content of man’s through was telling every moment, and the man was hard tried. However, he was waiting for something, something that could be covered by his seek mind, which was straying beside the road. He wanted someone to come to him, and to tell him what is Truth and Finding-again, forgetting that the things that could come were embraced in his own searching (through fast and pray). This is why he did not find what he was looking for. Moreover, the trying will remain him as long as he will not begin to search.
            […] Think about this parable and you will be able to find the answer at the signs that are among you – and these sign will still be as long as you will not begin to search what is to be wanted. The things that I have told you might be known only through fast and pray – the same way I can be understood. I have nothing to hide and this is why I am not afraid of anything. The fear do not comes from God – this thing must not be forgotten. Those who really believe in God, those have the courage of responsibility, these are studying and are confessing about what is truth through Truth.
            Be searching and finding-again for people who do not know the right way! Nevertheless, everything to be through God’s Truth – not people’s truth!
Peace and Love to you!

Francisc Maitreya