Peace and Love upon you!

            If the things that are have a reason to be – this you can find out. You must search in yourselves to find what is to be right answer.
            When “the content” of a place fades, you do not have to seek the “night” of the place, but to discover the cause.
If the place is estranged and the place has no path towards Truth, the hope of finding-again must not be left, either forgotten. Searching is the path that leads to a hope, but, it depends on what does he want, the one who is searching for finding,..
            The flower lives through the nature’s love. If she left the place of its joy – she would die,.. Keep the things that are for awaking and do not bring the ignorance sleep upon everybody’s destiny,.. The word is Path and Destiny, which is uniting with the thought, the deed and the desire of the joy of being what is wanted to be.
            Be what searching is, but also finding again for you and for everybody!
            …When someone wants to tease you, do not share his state of mind. Look at him gently, having the thought that nothing from what he could transmit you touches you,..
            Look for the beautiful in those who are besides you and their night’s step can not reach you. Be yourself what they cannot be and they will change themselves through what you can give.., just believe!
            If those who get close to you have an “unlove” desire, do not be afraid, look towards their truth and you will see the things that are and the fear will cover you no longer. Be glad for everything you can do with trust and you will succeed, this way you will become untouchable. Just believe and you will see the truth at its real value. A passing cloud cannot darken the content of a day! Anything would be, persist in patience and tolerance for those who do not understand you,..
            Knowledge is a way that gives a sense to one human being life. The one who wants to find the desired things can do it if he is pure in his feeling. The cleanliness of a human being is enlightened by the attributes of love ( meekness, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and reconciliation). These attributes are watching over the new destiny’s step of the one who is blessed by Love…
            Do not search the holy things among the praises, neither do want do find the light among the empty ones! Be what searching is through Truth and you will know the Holy things through holiness!
            The content of a day brings the love’s echo upon the blessing’s places, only if the one, who can open a path, do sincerely want to do it!
            Meditate sincerely at these teachings and you will see the things that are, and which want to be!
Peace and Love be with your fraternities!

Francisc Maitreya