When the joy’s day come, what can make those who are eager for fulfilment, if they find out what they did not want to find? 
            If their step found something different then they were expected, to whom may they be thankful? 
            Will they be able to forgive those who let the despair and false truth into their step?
            Where will they arrive? Where? If they will be in darkness, how their word will weight at the accomplishment day of those who were in right to guide them? What is sowed in “one destiny’s field” will be gathered at the time that embraces the study, too… What will “the leaseholders” show to their Master, at the Accomplishment Day? Embraced strayings, which do not find their destiny? The buried Blessed talents? Or some of those people will take pride in the things they have done for their glory? 
            Those who ignore the Truth of a time, those lose the notion of living “alive” and this way the night of despair comes. It attracts the content of another path into the step of those who are “serving it”. 
            …Where can their step be and what path do they search, if I do not know it, the God of Gods will say… 
            Those who have ears to hear, those will hear the content of His examination! Be glad you who can be glad, and do humble you who have been mistaken!
            If someone will always give you the same thing, why do you ask: “why is he give us?” Would not it be better to see what is truth, in the things that have been given for studying?
            When ignorance advise you to tell unwanted words, it would be better to ignore the ignorance itself and you will judge no more. 
            What can come in the step of the one who judges through thought, word and fulfilled deed, his neighbour who wants one own truth to be known? But if his truth is Truth from Absolute, what will you bring to your destiny, if you ignore it?
            Those who have ears to hear, those will check my word! I do not oblige anybody to anything, but I say what I have to say; this is why I came… 
            When Truth comes, why Its Content can not be understood by those who had to be prepared to be able to receive It? 
            To what doors they will knock for help to come, if they do not embrace “the arrived step”, which can clarify their conscience? Where can be the truth of the said things and what can It bring? 
            Be glad, you who can be glad, I tell you again; but examine yourself first and do not let the conscience to fall asleep! Meditation, prayer, the fast of body and mind really helps at the finding of some truths that are not understood “apparently”. The Holy things can be study only through holiness! 
            My peace and my Love be with you!

Francisc Maitreya