I come again with my Love for you, and I ask:
The content of the day of “your steps” can receive what you accomplish, but can those who are listening to you understand those things?
            Where is “the joy path”, if the sadness found a nest in their tents?
What can be in the things that are, if what is waited comes no more?
            Where is the blessing that is waited by them, if sadness and suffering comes back into the steps of those are begging them help?
            What can they do, if the hope does not show its searching in their souls?
            What does it remain them to do if you cannot help them? What?
            Where will they go, they who have searched you and who have not received a relief from you? Where?
            What will they say in front of the Absolute Truth? Have you asked yourself?
            Will they blame someone? If they will do that, what will happen with those who have not told them the desired things?
            Who is lying whom? When this question appears, it is not encroached a commandment? However, who is encroaching it? Can you answer? Can you? 
            Where is the truth of those who run from Him? Is it at a crossroads of some roads that do not want to talk?
            How long can they wait, they who want Light? How long?
            Where can they find it, if the full of hopes path is not shown to them?
            Why do the questions exist? Why must the answers be given?
            Who listen the questions, but the answers..? 
            Here is the great secret of those who are in font of you!
            Can you discover it? The one who is searching, that one is finding! Nevertheless, the desire of finding out must exist!
            What else remain you to do! 
            Study the things that are in front of you, but , the studying to be through the Light of God’s Truth.

Francisc Maitreya