I am writing to you again not to forget me. If I do this, I do it because of the love for the things that could be if you would search and check the truth. It depends on you “the fulfilment” that is at one step from “the finding-again”. The ignorance leads to what is now happening in front of you - and this will continue if you do not check now the things that could be. Search in what I have written you till now and you will discover the truth of the present time...
            [...] A man had the great joy of being something that others could not “be”. His searching was in finding something that could awake his finding and accomplishment in his conscience.
            The embraced place of his joy was getting brightened up when his overflowing of Light was awaking values of called-again searchings in the strayed people’s step. This way the searched man lived through his joy of being something that search is – and he was not mistaking! Be yourself like that if you want to find again “the calling”!
            Study this parable, that enlightens the things that are now in your step - do not ignore it! Many things it could be said, but, if you still have patience with me, I will tell a parable more, which also have something for you to discover.
            [...] A learned man, lived the Embraced Place of his Joy, for “ a trying of pathway”, and he did not see what was standing against the lived step, because became disturbed from a calling.
            The covered place of the New Joy became confused losing the light, and it did not go to that place, as the Calling wanted.
            ... If you embrace the path only through look and sigh, you will stray from the wanted place, through the darkening of the walked step.
            Study this parable too, thoughtfully.
            Let the things that are to be known, as it is wanted to!
            Peace and Love to you!

Francisc Maitreya