Peace and Love to you!

            When someone does not want the desired things to be known, whom is he serving? When the Word “call out” the place of waiting and It is not heard, is It to blame for the things that are happening? If the things that are came as a question mark upon some places, show something, why this does not make them think about, them who are in right to understand what is truth? Where is the gift of blessing and what happened with it? It is lost somehow? What happened with the light of those who must have it for enlightening, as they had promised? Where exactly the power of praying, which keeps clean the gift, got lost? Where? Where did the knowledge remain, the knowledge that is wanted by those who believe they are in truth? Do they know indeed? Is it lost somehow through the time’s “mist” which brought the straying into the steps of those who had to maintain the light of the pathway? What is remained from the things which have been given by gift for truth? What..? Did all these things remain only a memory for some people? Could be so deep the fear of those who “are guarding” at the gate of some destinies? The fear, whom does the fear belong to – do you know indeed? If you do not know this truth, do study, because you know how you will do… Look around you and you check the things that are..! If these signs cannot be understood even now, that means the time is too late for those who do not want to see… 
            […] The Word is Enlightening with Truth and it is not afraid of lie to touch It. All the things will pass because this is the right way, but how important is “the way they pass”. 
            The things that are through truth do remain for the clarification of all the things!
            Peace and Love to your fraternities!

Francisc Maitreya