[…] If Truth cannot be embraced, who is guilty for the pettiness of those who are afraid to study? If studying is so hard, what will Truth do? Will Truth wait for the awaking of the sleepy ones, endlessly? Nevertheless, if the awaking does not come anymore, where will the ignorance-sleep guide? Where ? To other paths? How will be these paths without Truth? How?
            Some people believe that Truth will give up in front of lie, and if they believe this way, is not possible for their madness to mislead the unprepared people? What will happen with all those? Have you ever asked this? Where do they go, if they do not know what is right and what is blessing? Where? Exploring everything through fast and praying in all the situations, this is the rightist and the most reliable path, which avoid the mistake. How many people know this? Moreover, those who knows this great Truth, what do they wait for? Do they wait for someone else to come to fast in their place and this way the truth to be revealed? Which will be their merit? Which? Maybe that one of confessing what others did. But this is also something that matters, to confess… Who will confess about them? Who? It is desired to meditate longer upon what was said.
            A man had a great wisdom, which was obtained by the knowing of the Divine Low. Even if he knew what is right and what is blessing, he was afraid of confessing to the other brothers about what he knew…
            Many people came towards him to be enlightened with “a thought”, “a calling”, but he was afraid not to lose his privilege because of what he knew, and he denied in front of them… He hidden the truth for a while, using lies, but the path he had chosen strained his darkness building into his step, - and he got lost… When time came with a quiet but gentle and grave step, Light build that place through Truth, and the man was asked about his deed. When he opened his mouth to speak about what he has done, he saw he was empty.
            His word had no echo, and the night covered him… 
            Meditate upon this parable which enlightens about what is now. Do not ignore it! Much truth is revealed through it. Study it with a lot of attention, only this way you will know its secret.
            Let the enlightened things to open you a path towards what is desired by Truth, and Truth to enlighten your thought with Love!
            My Peace and Love be upon the thought of your brotherhoods, and Love to help you in what is wanted – all through Truth!

Francisc Maitreya