This book contains two important parts. Each one has a number of chapters guiding a disciple to a certain important initiation.

          In the beginning, he is enlightened upon the cleaning of the temple (body), the way this cleaning is performed and its importance for what comes next . We go on concomitantly to the cleaning of mind, developing certain capacities, such as: clear-sightedness, clear-audition, divisions and trips through other spiritual dimensions..

         This book is in fact an esoteric manual showing practically what has to be performed. There are given here practical exercises with the help of which every man can reach a certain value of consciousness through the Light of Truth. All you have to do is to fulfil through repeated exercises those written in each chapter. Do not ignore anything in those revealed here, even if you found everything simple. This very simplicity is a very short way but not an easy one, but the sure one… Try it and you'll see the results of your work! He who searches also finds! But he has to search sincerely….

         This handbook open the way to the first step of a new esoteric school: "The Academy of Soul ".

         If one wants to find the truth about something , this something has to be studied and known, but only by means of truth!

* * *

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