This book contains techniques of initiation in revealing the love of the fellow creature and of the Divine Creation. Those who study this book, and apply what is written in each chapter, will be able to perform healings by means of the White Light, cleanings and removings of negative entities. It is also considered thoroughly the inner meditation, the contemplation of the temple (body), the communion "with all desired things". It is a study upon what is in fact the human body. He who puts into practice those written in the book will be able to know what the other people do, about their light and about the way they can be helped. This book describes man, the way he is as a temple, the way he can look into his inner part, those that can be found as an arrangement of some study rooms… Everything written in each chapter is very important, you will even find initiations for children but of a special value for the grown-ups.
            This book prepares those which are to be revealed by the other books in order to cross through gates in time and space towards other dimensions. There are given practical exercises…
            Study and you will discover the steps of initiation, living every second to your joy.

* * *

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