This book contains several learnings revealed to you in order to find the truth about the existing things and about those that are to come. From the very beginning the reader finds out about certain cosmic energies which have a great influence upon the people whom are sent to. The healings are instantaneous by their means.
            You can also find in this book facts about universes, about their time and space arrangement. The author even goes into details about the universes, strata, about their value in relation to the human being.
            The book also contains a few epistles for those who are keen on truth… Those who are looking for, will find in this book the truth about the New Law of Love and Harmony which will last in the new era. There are some examples about truth in the end of the book.
            Study those revealed here and the pathway to the desired things will open for you…
            Do not ignore those written here, because those in truth will last forever!

* * *

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