This book contains several chapters guiding the reader to the most enlightened esoteric initiations. The beginning of the book describes what is in fact the independant being…It goes on to its evolution through the four situations defining the dense, fluid and quantum material. The evolution of being influenced by the four kingdoms - about destiny and redestination. It is also spoken about the value of being and human body, consciousness - its value. You are given the formula of calculating the Consciousness of the Cross, the use of this value…You are also talked about the control upon the people's states and about the neutral zone of the karmic dimension - importance and value… About the " Laboratory of Rotunda", where the previous reincarnations can be seen, the way the healings can be performed… You are tought about Z.R.K. 7 - the significance and the use of this code. The free will and all that exists by means of truth…
          Rejoice at what is offered to you for knowledge and you will be wiser!


* * *

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