The  School of Francisc Maitreya  - The Academy of Soul
        1. Sutras of Initiation - Annexes
        2. Lessons of Initiation
        3. Lessons of Love
        4. Technique of Breatheing
        5. Initiated Courses

        6. Parables for Meditation
        7. Positions of Manifestation
        8. The Power of Concentration
The Way of the Sword Through Union with the Mental
      10. The Fire Yantra

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Site  -  Initiating  School.

Spiritual matters

       I teach courses of esoteric initiation - Yoga of Cosmic Fire, at three levels of initiation.


       Conscience is the cumulated value of all the livings, deeds and thought of a human being. 
       Love is the infinite value!


      I teach courses of initiation in treating all kinds of diseases, acting upon the energetic body.
      I perform treatments using the Cosmic Energy; operations without lancet.

Titles of the published books

  1. The Way to Illumination
  2. The Light of Man
  3. Teachings of the United World in the New Law of Love and Harmony
  4. The First Gospel
  5. The Second Gospel
  6. Studies in the Pyramid of Cosmic Fire
  7. Teachings for the New World
  8. Truth Speaks for Itself
  9. Sutras of Initiation  
10. Truth is Enlightening Through Truth

These books are about spiritual and esoteric matters. In fact, they are initiation courses of a high spiritual level.


  1. The letter no. one
  2. The letter no. two
  3. The letter no. three
  4. The letter no. four
  5. The letter no. five
  6. The letter no. six
  7. The letter no. seven
  8. The letter no. eight
  9. The letter no. nine
10. The letter no. ten




Man is able to treat himself. He must be orientated and guided to the Fluids of the Cosmic Fire, whom he can embrace, control and use, for the harmonizing of the Places of Waiting.


The prayer no. one
The prayer no. two
The prayer no. three
The prayer no. four
The prayer no. five

The prayer no. six

The prayer no. seven


Francisc Maitreya healing 


            I do not oblige anyone to do anything. Through all the things I do, I bring the new in people’s spiritual conscience, giving a chance to man to know himself, to accept himself as value in universe through the freedom which God has given it to him,  to grow up his self-conscience, to recognize his absolute independence and in the same time to understand and to keep the Universal Laws, that always stand. I do not found religions, neither organizations through which some people to be different from the others, I just want the man to know himself as he is, as a unique and stable value. Through all the things that are wrote here I did not do nothig else but to give a chance to man to know himself and to respect the neighbour’s value as something unique in Creation.

No man was my spiritual master.

                                                                IJ. Francisc Maitreya

NOTE : The English version reproduces only approximately the meaning of the things written in Romanian language.

Note: IJ Francisc Maitreya, Master in Yoga of Cosmic Fire, left his physical body at 05.06.2003, in the hospital of Baia Mare town.

         With endless Love we rise an eternal praying to The Absolute God for the blessing of Your presence through us and we thank you, beloved Master, for accepting us in the arms of your Love and Wisdom and you helped us to open our wings in the fly towards Immortality !